Patient Transport

If you experience difficulty travelling to hospital appointments, the Welsh ambulance service offers a service whereby patients can obtain advice, information and make bookings for hospital transport.

When you call, an adviser will assess your transport needs and provide information on the most suitable method of travelling to your appointment. If you meet eligibility criteria hospital transport can be arranged for you.

The new number to request Non-Emergency Hospital Transport is 0300 123 2303.

The new call routing is as follow on the Powys call centre is:

  • If your appointment is in Hereford County Hospital and is not a radiotherapy appointment then you call the Powys Call centre on 0168 661 3200
  • If your appointment is for Radiotherapy at Hereford County ring Welsh Ambulance Service on 0300 123 2303
  • If your appointment is at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry then call Falck on 0330 053 5695
  • For all other requests for Ambulance Transport you can call the Welsh Ambulance Service on 0300 123 2303

Please note the surgery cannot book transport.