Clinics and Services

If you would like to book one of these clinics or services, please visit our Consulting Room.

Annual Reviews – ‘Birthday Clinics’

If you have been diagnosed with one or more of the above conditions, we will write to you around the month of your birthday, inviting you to make an appointment for your annual review.

We hope that you will accept the invitation to attend for your annual review, however if you feel you wish to decline the invitation, please complete and return the slip at the foot of the letter. This will opt you out of review appointments for one year only.

There will still be ‘opportunistic access’ to the clinical team for annual reviews. If you visit Hay or Talgarth surgery and have not arranged your annual review appointment, our staff may invite you to stay to be seen for your annual review when you will be seen by a health care assistant and/or nurse or doctor.

Child Health/Immunisations Clinic – Appointments During Covid-19 Pandemic

This clinic is weekly, by appointment.

The Children’s Health department notify the practice directly when your child is due their vaccinations. Our Reception Team will contact you to make an appointment and confirm the date, time and location of your appointment.

The Practice Nurse will telephone you between 09:00-10:00 on the morning of your appointment to give you all the information of the vaccines that your child will be receiving that day.

They will also ask wellness check questions to ensure your child is well enough to come into the surgery. The nurse will ask, that when you arrive for your appointment that you remain in your vehicle and telephone reception to advise that you have arrived.

The nurse will telephone you and ask you to enter the building and what room to go to for your child’s vaccinations to be administered.

We are currently undertaking your baby’s six-week check at eight weeks to enable us to incorporate this with your child’s first vaccines – reducing the amount of times you need to come into the practice. This will be the same procedure as above, however you will receive two telephone calls in the morning one from the nurse and the second from the GP.

The GP will carry out the consultation over the telephone, so that when you attend the practice it will only be the examination and measurements that are required.

Women’s Health – Appointments During Covid-19 Pandemic

This clinic is by appointment with the practice nurse.

Cervical Smears – To arrange your cervical screening appointment please contact reception. Please arrive at practice at the scheduled time of your appointment and wait in your vehicle.

The appointment will be in two parts; firstly, the practice nurse will telephone you whilst you are waiting in your car to discuss the procedure and discuss any concerns you may have. Secondly at the end of your telephone consultation the practice nurse will be ask you to come into the practice and to go directly to the consulting room.

Contraception Pill checks – Appointments will be arranged as a telephone consultation with the practice nurse. The nurse may ask you to take your own blood pressure reading if you have the means to do so. Otherwise you will be asked to make an appointment with our Healthcare Assistant team.

Depo injections – Appointments are arranged as normal.

Pharmacy Team

We now have our Red Kite Pharmacy team operating out of both Hay and Talgarth Medical Centres.

One of the team is available on the telephone daily between 14:30 and 15:30 for medication queries.

The pharmacy team work as part of the general practice team to resolve day to day medicine issues and treat patients directly. Having clinical pharmacists in the practice means that the GPs can focus their skills where they are most needed, this will help the GPs manage demands on their time.


The physiotherapist works from Hay and Talgarth Medical Centres and from Bronllys Hospital. During Covid 19, this service is only available at Bronllys Hospital.

To see the physiotherapist you can either self-refer using this form or be referred by a clinician.

Midwifery Services

This practice offers midwifery services to patients in accordance with current guidance and protocols. The midwife care is lead from Brecon War Memorial Hospital.

A midwife runs a weekly surgery from Hay Medical Centre on a Thursday afternoon – not currently available due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Please visit for the Powys LHB maternity services website.

Once a pregnancy is confirmed it is advisable that the patient meets with their local midwife to discuss the pregnancy and the options available for future care which will be individually planned. The first meeting with a midwife will probably last over an hour so that pregnancy related issues can be fully discussed, such as screening tests and all aspects of ante-natal care on offer plus advice on healthy life style.

The first meeting with a midwife can either be at home or at the Birthing Centre at Brecon War Memorial Hospital at a convenient time. The Birthing Centre can be contacted on 01874 622443. Follow up antenatal care with the midwife will be at the surgery by appointment.

Patients are either booked for delivery at the midwifery lead centre in Brecon or at the consultant lead units at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, or Hereford County Hospital as appropriate.

Medical Examinations – appointments currently on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Private medical examinations are carried out by appointment only at times agreed with the doctor. Please ensure you state it is for a medical examination when booking the appointment. There is a chargeable fee which is required at the time of booking to secure the appointment. Please ensure you bring all paperwork. Eye tests must be carried out by an optician.


The mobile breast screening unit visits the area at regular intervals. Appointments are sent out from a central location by Breast Test Wales or Hereford & Worcester Health Authority as appropriate.

Travel Clinic – appointments currently on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic

The practice is able to provide a basic provision for patients wishing to travel abroad and can provide all of the NHS vaccines.

Please note this practice is not a travel clinic, therefore if specialist travel advice is required or specialist vaccinations are needed (for example rabies, yellow fever) this must be sourced from a specialist travel clinic. Malaria prevention tablets can be purchased from most high street chemists.

The following NHS vaccines for travel are available in Haygarth surgery:

  • Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus (combined vaccine)
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Cholera

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks prior to departure date to help us to try to meet your travel vaccination needs.